The Lunette is the perfect mini-moon to add some gorgeous texture to your room. Bring on the sleepy vibes with this cotton cresent moon and lull your little one off to a peaceful nights rest. Or maybe Lunette will be there for you during those long bedtime routines. Either way, it's a pretty little addition to your space that makes bed time that little bit more beautiful. Lunettes pair beautifully with a Luna for extra dreamy nights.


Perfectly unique, each Lunette features beautiful hand dyed, luxe cotton, cotton rope and flexible wire to ensure it maintains that beautiful curve. Handmade on the NSW South Coast.


The Lunette measures approximately 20cm long and 15cm across.


Lunettes are handmade to order and can be made in your choice of colours to match your decor. 


Get in touch for custom works and we can find a colour selection that suits you.


Please note - the Lunette is not a toy and is only for decorative use.