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Dianna is our head Creative and business founder of Creative Culture. She is passionate about bringing fun, exciting and innovative workshop experiences to the Illawarra. Dianna is a practising Food and Textiles Teacher and loves to see people light up when they 'just get it' for the first time. 


When developing her next creative design, Dianna loves to feature natural materials in her workshops. She creates delicious whole food treats in the kitchen and is always looking for something new and inspiring to learn and share. 

From the kitchen to the yoga studio, from macramé to arm knitting, Dianna likes to do it all. She includes beautiful, local materials in her classes and loves to support local artists in sharing their work. 

Pop into one of her classes to 


From forest to sea, kitchen to the yoga studio, Dianna does it all. She looks for driftwood to hang her gorgeous macramè, uses nature’s inspiration for textile printing, provides her adorable daughters delicious whole food lunchboxes and is a keen yoga student and budding yoga teacher. Don’t miss the chance to learn from her and share your knowledge with the inspired learning community she’s created.


Dianna and Creative Culture Workshops will help you learn, grow and thrive.

DIY Macrame Flowerpot Hangers
DIY Macrame Flowerpot Hangers
Botanical Sketch

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